Windshield repair

When the damage in your windshield is smaller than a €2 coin, we can repair this by means of a resin injection. This will be paid for by your insurance company. Quickfix will take care of all the paperwork involved with this. You don't have to do anything but making sure u have your green insurance card on you. This has all the data on it we need to declarate the repair with your insurance company.

If you only have basic insurance for liability, or your insurance company has limiting conditions like loss of no claim, you can have your windshield repaired at a reduced rate. If you would like to have your damage repaired at home or at your office this is possible.

Wat Kosten
One damage €39
Each subsequent damge €20
Windshield replacement Inquire for cost


Windshield replacement

If repair is no longer possible we can expertly replace your windshield for you. When you are insured for this we will submit the bill directly with your insurance company, you don't have to take any action for this.

When you have a standard deductable we can give up to €150 discount on that. In most of the cases you won't have to pay anything yourself.

f you are only insured for liablity we can give you a very good quote!

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